Nutrition as Medicine

Doran Oatman, LCSW-S has met the educational standards and is a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider.

By working with a CMHIMP, the hope for clients is to...

Enhance their own knowledge base on how they want to address bio/psycho/social symptomology

Empower clients to discuss their fears and concerns about medication

Prioritize non-pharmaceutical approaches to address symptoms

Instill hope that client symptoms can be managed and even eliminated when combining psychotherapy and nutritional interventions

*Doran Oatman, LCSW-S will never work out of her scope of practice. Clients' physicians and other medical professionals are always consulted with before, during and after treatment. Any treatment that Doran Oatman, LCSW-S is not trained in or have the knowledge base, will be referred out to a professional trained in that modality.

Non-pharmaceutical approaches to treatment can include nutrition assessments, food/mood diaries, supplements, herbs, aroma therapy, Trauma Informed Yoga (Doran is certified in this modality) and detoxification.

The following modalities cab be useful in treatment and clients will be referred out to another professional if these treatments are to be incorporated with the overall treatment plan: Entheogens, Somatic/Massage therapy and any laboratory testing.

"For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect."

- Carl Pfeiffer, MD Pioneering orthomolecular physician and scientist