Individual - 50 minute:


$135 - Associate

Individual/EMDR session - 80 minute:


Couples and Families - 80 minute:


Presentations/Workshops - 90 minute:


*See Parenting tab under services for parent coaching and class fees

Many insurance companies limit the number of sessions they allow. As a result, I am not in-network on any current insurance panels. However, most insurance plans offer “out of network” benefits on their mental health plan.

Out-of-network coverage allows you, the insured, to choose your provider and the insurance company compensates a percentage of the visit. In these cases, payment is still due at the time of service and you will be given a receipt at the end of each session that you can submit to your insurance company. A letter can also be written that contains all the necessary information requested by the insurance companies (i.e. diagnostic code as stated in the DSM 5, CPT code for type of service, fee, etc.).

Cash, check, credit card and HSA are accepted as payment and must be provided on the day of the service.

Reduced fee services are based upon availability.