Children develop in wonderful and unique ways, with many differences in how their brains and bodies are wired. Neurodiversity is based in science and brain imaging; it recognizes the very real differences in the way our brains process information, communication, and emotion. However, we know that there is nothing “wrong” with a child whose brain works differently from another’s--just that some children have diverse needs and areas of functioning. Our practice focuses on the strengths, felt experiences, and unique perspectives of neurodiverse children as we work together.

When a child has been diagnosed with a neurocognitive disorder or other developmental diagnosis, it can feel overwhelming as a parent. Our practice supports parents as well as neurodiverse children who need a place to process, learn, grow, and work through their own mental health struggles.

With backgrounds that include teaching special education and extensive training and experience in children’s development, parenting, and positive discipline, Doran and Kat work collaboratively with each child, starting exactly where the child is and working directly with how they think and feel. We emphasize emotional regulation skills, tuning in to the body, and the power of play and expressive arts to heal and grow.